“Meet Mr. Cow…” {Family} {Personal}

Some children have a teddy bear, a blanky, or a ‘stuffy’.  My oldest son, has a cow.  Not just any cow, but MR.Cow.

We were given Mr. Cow as a baby gift, and it sat on the shelf until he was about 8 months old.  It was around that time that he noticed Mr. Cow and immediately became attached.  We try to keep Mr. Cow only in his room, however he does make it out for special occasions.  At first it was only when my son was sick, but now its when Mr. Cow is hungry, or not tired, or needs a diaper change, or Mr. Cow of course needs to play with the tractors.  =)

He is all stretched out and his one nose is falling out, however my son loves his Mr. Cow. regardless of his imperfections.






“Lovely Day for some fall family photos…” {Family}

I love that we get to experience four great seasons.  God really has blessed us with a beautiful template to photograph.  I do love all the seasons, but wow can fall time ever give us such a warm background!

A couple weekends ago it was cold, and rainy.  However the skies opened up and gave us just enough time to get our shoot finished.  It was a lovely morning spent with a great family…enjoy =)


Beautiful Country Wedding

Im starting to really like shooting weddings.  I dont know if it was this beautiful couple, the fun wedding party, the attention to detail, the country setting,  the delicous food, or all of it combined.  Either way, this wedding was amazing to shoot.

Nicole and Mike thanks for allowing me to photograph such an important day in your lives!  Your love for each other is evident to anyone who is in your presence.


“Meet Mr. Alex…my new nephew”

I am one proud Auntie to announce that my new nephew Alex arrived last Monday!  We have been anxiously waiting for his arrival, and couldnt be more excited that he is here safe and sound!.

I have been fortunate and very blessed to have been pregnant along side my sister in law; not once but twice.  It will be great having our children grow up together, and I can just imagine all the fun they will all have together.

I know I said I was proud, however Im not sure who is more; myself or his big sister Jasmine=).

Beautiful fall wedding, BEAUTIFUL couple…

I was asked to shoot this wedding months ago, and I was excited to be able to shoot up in Collingwood.  It seems that area is always beautiful, no matter the season.  However when they said the whole ceremony would be outdoors, on Thanksgiving weekend, I was more than a little worried.  Thanksgiving can be warm, cold, rain, well it could even snow!.  However this thanksgiving was beautiful!!!  It was so warm for October!

I had perfect weather, stunning location, and a beautiful couple!