Showered with 8 days of gifts…

Day One – a home made knitted pink and a blue sweater with slippers.(because they didnt know if they were having a boy or girl)

Day Two – knitted sweater set, with a had, mitts, and slippers

Day Three – pants that were hand made

Day Four – a stuffed goat

Day Five – baby toys

Day Six – two fleece blankets for the new mommy and daddy

Day Seven – A gift certificate for a photography session with Shannon Steen Photography

Day Eight – Bath Products for the baby

Obviously after my “J” opened day seven she got a hold of me to book her session.  When she told me about her 8 days of gifts I thought how awesome is that?!?  Not only does the new mom and Dad get many gifts for their new baby boy, but also its a great way to get creative with the gifts you are giving. 

I might just have to steal this idea =)

I hope you enjoy your sneak peak – I had a great time!






April 3, 2011 - 12:49 pm

Heather DB - Hi Shannon – Apparently it’s a dutch thing. I had a basket like that with Esther from my friends down the road. Lots of fun!

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