“Meet Mr. Cow…” {Family} {Personal}

Some children have a teddy bear, a blanky, or a ‘stuffy’.  My oldest son, has a cow.  Not just any cow, but MR.Cow.

We were given Mr. Cow as a baby gift, and it sat on the shelf until he was about 8 months old.  It was around that time that he noticed Mr. Cow and immediately became attached.  We try to keep Mr. Cow only in his room, however he does make it out for special occasions.  At first it was only when my son was sick, but now its when Mr. Cow is hungry, or not tired, or needs a diaper change, or Mr. Cow of course needs to play with the tractors.  =)

He is all stretched out and his one nose is falling out, however my son loves his Mr. Cow. regardless of his imperfections.






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