A Chevy and 6 boys…

What do you get when you have a chevy and 6 boys?? A LOT of laughs=).  The “V” family is full of energy, laughter, and muscles(or lack there of). 😉  All kidding aside I had a blast with this family and I really hope you enjoy your sneak peak. I also cannot believe this was their FIRST family photo!  Hopefully this wont be the last=). 

A little ‘flare’ on the farm…

Last Saturday I spend the evening with one of my favourite nieces!  The sun was warm, and added a perfect flare to the photos.  Oh how I love summer sunlight!!!  Add in a new kitten, some cows, and some straw and you have yourself a perfect evening – oh and lets not forget about a very cute(and growing!) family of 3. 

Cake SMASH with Miss. Natalie

cant believe that Miss. Natalie will be 1 tomorrow!  I was honoured to shoot her newborn photos for her, and was again honoured when her mom asked me about a cake smash.

I have never done a cake smash before but I know that they dont always go as planned.  Sometimes the child may just not be in the mood, or just doesnt want to ‘smash’.  Natalie however made my job very easy;).  As soon as the cake was in front of her she went right for it and had a ‘smashing’ good time=).

Happy Birthday Natalie!!

HOT Maternity shoot…

When Sue contacted me to do her maternity shoot we had no idea how hot it would be.  Even at 9 am the temperature was close to 30, but felt a LOT hotter. 

However as hot as it was, you wouldnt have guessed by looking at the photos.  Sue and Dave were both glowing with excitement and anticiaption of the arrival of their little bundle. 

I had a great time and I cant wait till October!