Summertime fun

This family won a session with me back in November at the “What Women Want” show. They did a winter session and I was very happy to have them back for some warm summer sun=) It was son warm that one of the family members decided to take a ‘dip’ in the lake;)

Hope you enjoy your sneak peak!

Perfect Sunlight and an adorable little man…

If I could shoot from 6pm to 8pm every night I would. I LOVE that warm golden sun as its setting. It just makes everything warm and inviting.

This past week I met “”M” and “K” and little Kieran(love this name!) just after 6 and it was perfect! From his adorable smile, to the love that his parents have for him, it was a great shoot.

I hope your enjoy your sneak peak! =)









A little white and a little black…

I love black and white images.  Dont get me wrong, I LOVE colour, but I absolutely love how black and white images really allows you to focus on the emotion of the image. 

I did this shoot a couple weeks ago and as I was editing I knew that I wanted to do this post in black and white.  This family has been blessed with a 4th child, and I know there isnt a day that goes by that they dont cherish baby Jacob.

Thank you for allowing me into your home.  You are a very special family and God has blessed you with a beautiful little boy. 




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Love is in the air…

I love weddings. Always have and I hope I always will. From the planning to the wedding dress, to the delicious cake, oh and lets not forget about the couple in love ;). After my husbands and my wedding(which will be 4 years at the end of the month- time flies!) I knew that a part of me would miss all those things that I loved about our wedding. Thankfully though none of my husbands sibblings were engaged or married so I now get to enjoy that with all of them. “D” is the 2nd of his sibblings to get engaged and I cant wait for their wedding in September.

They are a super cute couple who are both crazy about each other. I hope you enjoy your sneak peak =)

Mr. Aaron…

Sometimes shooting a 4 month old can be difficult. They are usually not yet sitting up, but not small to sleep through the session.
So when I was asked to do this shoot I was a bit worried on how the shoot would work out. Yes its true that Aaron could not sit up, he also did not sleep through the session, and he was not givng me many smiles. I did however get to see parents who are very much in love with there little man, and I hope that I was able to even capture a glimsp of that love. Thanks “B” family for inviting me on your farm, hopefully
our sons will have a playdate in the future.

Hope your enjoy your sneak peak=)