What do you get when you have cows, tractors(John Deere of course!), and three blue eyes children??                              An A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E photoshoot! From the blue eyes to the ‘farm talk’ it was a great morning.

 Thanks for allowing me to photograph your very cute children “H” and I hope you enjoy your sneak peak =)

Thanks also for the great gift idea, I went out and bought my son a pedal tractor after the shoot(again John Deere of course!)

Beautiful girls…

This past Holiday Monday I got together with 3 local photographers to talk, and of course photograph some beautiful people. At first I was a little nervous, as all of these photographers are VERY talented, but we all hit if off right from the start and I cant wait to shoot with them again. Please take the time to check out Melissa from Simply Said Photography , Ashley from Ashley Schultz Photography and Sarah from Captiviating Photography by Sarah West .  We started the evening off with two beautiful models and the evening quickly(thunderstorm moved in) with an engagement session which will be posted later tonight. 

Please check back for more photos =)

“Meet Mr. Cole…”

Maybe its because I have a son of my own, or maybe its just because Cole is an adorable little man, either way this little boy tugged at my heart strings.  I loved holding him and loved having a newborn in my arms. 

I hope you enjoy your little sneak peak! =) 

“Young Love…”

“K” contacted me a couple months ago wanting to get photos done with her and her boyfriend. I thought it was super cute that they wanted photos of the two of them, just because.  There was no special reason, other than the fact that they wanted to capture what they feel now.  How sweet is that?! 

We never know what tomorrow may bring, so why not capture moments today. 

I hope you enjoy your sneak peak =)




My new found love…

I have always loved photos displayed in my house.  And up until yesterday they have always been displayed in a frame, however like I said that was up until yesterday.  I ordered some prints on canvas from a new company(new company for me) and oh how I love them!!!  I love how each image looks like a piece of artwork, and not just a image.  I sat at my computer this am going through all the images that I just must order on canvas too(just dont tell my husband, lol) 

Here are some photos that I took.  Im sorry for the lack of creativity, I am obviously not good at taking product pictures 😉

Here you can see the size does matter;)  Here is cow print in canvas in a 16×20

and now this is a 8×10 with a inch frame around it…

Doesnt the 16×20 look much better??

Happy Wednesday Everyone =)

April 27, 2011 - 8:53 am

Sarah King - I love a big canvas!!! I have only one so far on my walls, but the second one is on it’s way and will go in my office at work. 🙂 I love the white one!! I wans’t sure how a predominantly white picture would do on canvas, but it looks great!!

April 27, 2011 - 9:52 am

admin - Hi Sarah,
I wasnt sure how the white would look as well, but I LOVE it now! Its just a fresh/clean look to it. I dont know where I am going to put either of these photos yet :-S I think the cow one might go in my office. I am looking forward to seeing what your second one looks like =)

April 27, 2011 - 4:37 pm

Rina - Shannon they took GREAT! looove the flowers!! where do you get the canvases done?