snow, lamas and love – Oh My!

Last Saturday I woke up to a beautiful snow fall and was instantly excited!  I had a planned engagement session with “M” and “K”, and with these big snowflakes I knew it would be a blast.

I got my camera gear ready and put in the address in my GPS.  My GPS was acting up a bit so as I got closer I drove right past this beautiful farm and I thought wouldnt it be nice to photograph there!  To my surprise THAT was the farm that I was going to photograph at!(remind me to return that GPS that we bought).  There were horses, lamas, tractors and a red barn – I was in heaven! =)  For anyone that knows me, you all know how much I love photographing anything and everything on farms.  So add in a couple that is madly in love and it made for a perfect combination.

“K” and “M” met years ago when “K” was the referee for “M’s” hockey game.  This friendship moved off the ice and has turned into a beautiful love.  Thanks so much for allowing me to capture some fun memories of you two last week, I cant wait for your wedding in September! 

P.S Did I mention that we will be taking photos at this farm for the wedding as well??? =) =) =)  Yes I am EXCITED! =)

March 5, 2011 - 10:07 am

Melissa VanLeeuwen - Great job Shannon! Love the red barn.

Welcome to SSP’s New Home…

I cant believe that my site is finally *done*(by done I mean almost, there are still a few things I want to add, so please keep checking back).

I have honestly been working on this for months and for the last few days I have been glued to my seat working hours and hours(and even shed a few tears out of frustration! lol) on getting this site up and running.  I feel proud that I have completed this myself and didnt need to outsource for it(which also means money saved which = more money for a lens =)…).

If you have the time please take a look around and let me know what you think.

Enjoy this beautiful day!